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Modern Kitchen Design Ideas - Create A Gourmet Kitchen

The modern kitchen: Martha may say this is a good thing, but I say it's a great thing. When you think about it, we put a man on the moon over 30 ago, yet the appliances in your kitchen haven't really changed all that much. Sure the modern kitchen design now has a microwave (truly space age) but that's about it right? Wrong!

A quick glance around the modern kitchen design does not reveal anything too out of the ordinary. Wooden cabinets, durable countertops, a range, an oven and a microwave. No surprises really. This doesn't look like the kitchen from the Jettson's (although, secretly I wish it did).

However a closer look reveals the true power of the modern kitchen design. A trip to the fridge reveals a family information consol. This is the modern replacement for the fridge magnet. Instead of pinning the soccer schedule to the fridge door with a busted Winne the Pooh fridge magnet that could lose it's magnetic powers at any moment, we have a net concise computer.

Modern Kitchen DesignA simple touch screen can summon everything from PTA meetings, to recipes. In the future there will be no more missed meeting, no late soccer practice and no food with a missing ingredient because a smudge from that ingredient obscured the recipe that was packed in some book somewhere.

And how about the microwave, truly the most modern kitchen invention. Well in the modern kitchen design, even this has been improved upon. It still cooks lighting fast, but now it cooks food to absolute perfection. All you have to do is hold the product up to the microwave and wait for it to read the bar code. The microwave knows how long it will take to cook the product. Genius.

Not only that but the oven is self-cleaning. The freezer will remind you to defrost your meat for the night and the faucets are all controlled by infrared sensors, thus stopping the spread of germs.

Combine this with the dearth of nutritional information that the computer contains, and you are sure to live an easier healthier life in this modern kitchen design the kitchen of the future.