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Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas

The first barbeque of the season seems almost like a rite of passage for North Americans. After spending all winter stuck inside, it's not surprising that people break out the BBQ at the first hint of spring. Because BBQ's are so popular in this hemisphere, many improvements have been made over the years so that your backyard really and truly can be an outdoor kitchen.

Easy Food Preparation
One of the biggest complaints in the past by BBQers is how annoying it is to carry out everything you need to prepare your meal. Well, not anymore. Today, outdoor kitchen designs allow you to have everything outside and right at your fingertips, including:

  • Sinks
  • Cabinets
  • Cutting boards
  • Intercom systems (so, if you do forget something, you can ask someone else to carry it out)
  • Even pizza ovens!

To help make these kitchens more user-friendly, they are almost always constructed out of weather-resistant, durable material.

Outdoor Kitchen Design Worried that an outdoor kitchen will mean you have a whole lot more to clean every season? Don't be. Often these designs allow for a quick hose down with maybe a little cleaning solution thrown into the mix.

Making it Work Out There
To help keep you protected from the elements, many outdoor kitchen designs will integrate some shelter. The exact type of shelter you have will depend on your budget as well as how much space you have in your backyard and can range from a simple overhang to a more elaborate gazebo.

However, no outdoor kitchen will work unless it has proper seating and dining areas. In addition to needing enough space to accommodate dining and cooking areas, giving your backyard a central focus, like an outdoor fireplace, will help make your backyard stand out. Plus, installing a fireplace means you can keep enjoying your outdoor kitchen even when the temperatures begin to dip.

Finally, don't neglect the little details like patio lights. Using the right lights in your outdoor kitchen design can help change the overall feel of your backyard. Also, be careful when you choose the materials to build your outdoor kitchen. Be aware of where you plan to build the kitchen and how exposed to the elements your kitchen equipment will be. Chose sturdy and durable materials that can hold up to changes in the weather whenever your budget allows. This will help ensure that you get to enjoy your outdoor kitchen for many, many years.

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