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Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets For A Fresh, Bright Look

Are your old kitchen cabinets dark and dreary? Do they make your kitchen look like a dank cave? The solution may be to repaint them. The modern trend is for light, bright colors to give your kitchen an airy, open look. Be sure to choose a color that will complement your flooring, countertops, and appliance colors. Painting kitchen cabinets properly requires meticulous attention to detail. If you have experience, you can choose to repaint those old cabinets as a do-it-yourself project. If not, your best bet may be to hire a professional to do it.

Kitchen Cabinet Designs: Preparation is the key

Preparing your kitchen cabinets for painting is the first, and perhaps most important, task. First, empty all cabinets and drawers and store the contents. Next, remove the doors and drawers, including all hardware, handles, and hinges. If you are going to replace the hinges and hardware with new ones (highly recommended), you probably want to fill the old screw holes with wood putty. Wipe everything down with a damp cloth. Take the cabinet doors and drawers to a space (such as your garage) where they can be painted separately. Wipe down all surfaces with denatured alcohol. This will remove any wax or oil buildup and any gloss finish which will prevent the new paint from sticking. Then sand all surfaces with light sandpaper and wipe down a second time with denatured alcohol.

Kitchen Cabinets Need Multiple Coats of Paint

Now you are ready to apply your new paint. Cover your countertops and floor with plastic drop cloths to avoid spills. Use a high-quality oil-based paint. Apply to the kitchen cabinet fronts with a mini foam roller for a smooth finish. Use a good quality two inch brush to cut in the edges. Paint the cabinet doors and drawer fronts separately, also using the mini foam roller. Apply at least four coats of paint, allowing drying time between each coat. When the final coat of paint is dry, it's time to reinstall hinges and hardware, re-hang the cabinet doors, and slide the drawers back in.

Hire a Contractor to Implement Kitchen Cabinet Designs

If you elect to hire a painting contractor to repaint your kitchen cabinets, do your homework. Get referrals from friends, family, and co-workers. Get at least three estimates, and check out your chosen contractors with the Better Business Bureau and the local contractors' licensing board. Make sure the contract spells out details such as guarantees and projected completion dates. Then stand back and let the expert do the job.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets