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Renovation, Remodeling, And Survival Skills For The Small Kitchen

Your kitchen may be small, but if your imagination is large a kitchen remodeling project can open up your busiest room into an active, comfortable space. Before firming up your small kitchen remodeling plans, why not set up a wide range of features and options based on square footage and the amount of money you can put into the renovation? It's bad enough that you're trapped in a small space; don't let your plans confine your solutions.

First, inventory your kitchen, marking down a full list of appliances (those that can stay or those which need replacing), an inventory of your furniture, your lighting, flooring, cabinets, hardware, dishes and pots, windows, cleanup area, cook-tops, sink(s), and prep area. What translates comfortably to your renovated kitchen can mean a huge savings.

Small Kitchen Remodeling by Downsizing

If you can't knock out a wall, why not increase your existing space? Can little-used cookware, small appliances, wedding gifts, dishes and holiday china move to a pantry outside the kitchen? Can you add a kitchen island suitable as a work surface and extra storage? A quick shopping trip to home improvement or discount stores can open up a wide choice in new, small, energy efficient dishwashers, refrigerators, and stoves. European appliances are smaller in scale than their American counterparts.

Take an inventory of your kitchen cabinet space. Are you using space-saving tiers or shelf layers? Are you using pull-out drawers, under-counter appliances, and overhead hooks to move clutter out of the prep and cleanup areas?

When is Kitchen Remodeling the Right Move?

How large is your family, what's the age of your children, and how often do you entertain? Small kitchens tend to fill up quickly during breakfast and dinner. If your children are moving away in a year, or if you're planning on putting the house on the market, your timetable can shift dramatically.

How would new lighting fixtures, wider windows, or skylights open up your space? Do the cabinets need an overhaul with laminate? Will new flooring brighten up the kitchen? You'll also need to know if you can handle any part of the renovation yourself or if you'll need a kitchen remodeling contractor.

One way to immediately remove a roadblock in the kitchen is to replace the sink with double sinks or a deeper bowl. It not only speeds up food reparation but can free your precious countertop space by getting clean dishes into the cabinets where they belong. A "clean as you go" small kitchen has a wondrous way of staying functional throughout the day.