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Small Kitchen Design

It might seem that no challenge is quite as difficult as reworking a small kitchen space space. It is easy to feel as though you have little or few options when working with such a tiny area. Even if you don't have a very big budget or have to deal with building restrictions, there are still many changes you can make in your kitchen to transform it into something more functional.

Counter space is always an issue in any kitchen, no matter what the size. In a small kitchen, space, and therefore counter space, is limited. Make the most of what you have by putting in as many cabinets as possible. This will help to get things, like dishes and appliances you use occasionally off the counter, which will give you more space. Installing deeper counters can also help relieve the battle between work space and appliance space on your counter.

Additionally, you may want to put in deep cabinets that will be able to store more. To make your kitchen more practical, organize your cabinets so that their contents are related to the area of the kitchen they are located in. Items like plates and glasses should be stored near the dishwasher while pots should be stored in cabinets by the stove.

Built-in Appliances
Small Kitchen Design A big cause of clutter is often the result of our appliances. When your counter space is limited, having a coffee maker, waffle iron, microwave and toaster taken up what little space there is can just make you feel cramped and crowded. Whenever you can, look to have built-in appliances put in, like a built-in microwave.

For other items that you don't necessarily use that often, install some sliding shelves. Thanks to the sliding action of the shelf, it is easy to quickly access as well as hide small appliances.

Just because you don't have the space for a pantry closet doesn't mean you can't have a pantry. If you have an area that is at least two feet wide and 5 1/2 feet tall, then you can pick yourself up a rollout pantry. If you don't even have that much space to spare, then reassess how you are using a closet that is located outside of your kitchen. You may just be able to make space in another closet for your kitchen storage needs.

Good Lighting
Don’t forget that mirrors and lights can create illusions. By using the proper type of lighting, you can easily make your kitchen appear larger and even more comfortable. Consider using halogen lights or even lighting under your counter.

A Large Kitchen Sink
And always remember, your sink does not have to be in proportion to your kitchen. Large sinks are much more practical than small sinks, especially when it comes to cleaning the pots and pans. Large sinks can also be used as a utility sink for those living in an apartment or a small house.

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