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Three Day Remodeling


Three Day Remodeling

The most important room in your home is your bathroom. There is no disputing that. It's not like when nature calls you can just head out to back yard and do your business, or take a drive down to Hardee's and use their bathroom.

The kitchen, while not quite as dire, is probably the second most important room in the home. My wife and I found this out the hard way. When we remodeled our kitchen we thought it would take about a week. Needless to say it took much longer, three weeks longer. The ordeal put a huge strain on our marriage, bank account and stomachs.

By the end of the four weeks I had eaten at Hardee's about 30 times, KFC 20 times, and Denny's too many times to remember. The phrase 'moon over my hammy' now makes me cringe. We also went about $1,700 over budget. Which cost me the new Fender Jaguar I wanted to buy.

Here are some tips to avoid repeating the mistakes we made. If this is done properly, you can remodel you kitchen in about three days.

Take Time Off Work.
This may sound like a waste of vacation time, but having three days in the middle of the week solves a lot of problems. Firstly, all of the building material stores will be open. Any support staff you need will be available and you'll have enough daylight to ensure that you are not remodeling kitchen in the dark.

Consistent Weather.
Due to modern miracles of meteorology (god-bless Doppler 2000) you can ensure that for at least three days you will have nice weather. This makes transportation of fixtures very easy, and it will cut down on the amount o mud tracked into your home.

Fewer Variables.
There can be lots of surprises over the course of one month. For instance, our project was delayed for a week when your young daughter came down with chicken pox. Sure anything can happen at any time, but a lot less can happen in three days.

Summon Your Friends.
It's a lot easier to ask for favors over the course of three days than three weeks. Generally you'll be able to scrape up enough social capital to have dinner at friends and family for three nights. Also, your acquaintances won't mind watching your child for a couple days...instead of a couple weeks.

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