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When you purchase your home, you are given a blank canvas in the form of your yard. Whether you are an artist or not, this is a great opportunity to create a landscape that a declaration and a sanctuary.

As along as you have vision and a little bit of spare time on your weekends, you can turn your home into a castle and of course be the envy of your neighbors.

This could mean arranging an English Garden in your front yard. The arching pathways and perennial flowers will give your abode a cheerful public face that will leave you and your neighbors smiling.

The backyard on the other hand is different story. If the front yard of your house is the face, than the backyard is the soul.

Pools, ponds and lagoons seamlessly integrated will make your backyard a soothing Mecca for relaxation or entertainment. Maximize your privacy with ornamental fences and vine-strewn lattice that, if you want, can even provide delicious and colorful berries and grapes. And hey, with grapes comes wine, and with wine comes a really good time.

Berries and grapes also have the added bonus of attracting small wildlife like crickets, birds and squirrels whose chirping can provide the soundtrack for a relaxing evening.

Special Tip!
If you really want your backyard to be whimsical place with a life of its own, try picking up a colony of fireflies. These harmless insects will illuminate the night sky around your house and give you something sit back and marvel at while you sip your homemade wine. And hey, they eat mosquitoes.

No matter what you do in your home landscaping scheme, just make sure it is an expression of you and your family. After all, this is your home and home is where the heart is.