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Garden Landscaping

Landscaping your garden can transform it from a simple place to look at and maybe grow from food, to an artistic marvel that will be the envy of any other homeowner.

The first thing you have to do is choose a style of garden landscaping that reflects you as a person and also the character of your house. Here are some of the more traditional style options. Of course there are no hard and fast rules, you can even mix and match styles if appropriate.

Formal Style
The formal garden conveys the more formal style of straight lines and near perfect geometrical shapes. Planting arrangements seem orderly, not chaotic. This garden style has to be closely managed and pruned to maintain the maximum formal effect.

Informal Style
This will give your garden a cozy look to it. There aren't as many rules here as with formal design. That's where the beds have curving edges rather than straight lines and where the plants seem to be placed almost at random. This style betrays an intellectual quality and goes great with older houses.

English Garden Style
England is a country famous for her gardens. Even in Germany during the Second World War Germans were still planting the garden of their enemy. It was designed to synchronize with the architecture of the home it also features mass plantings of shrubs and perennials.

Formal/Informal Garden Style
In this garden, the formal brick walkways can lead to a circle of plants in the rear of the garden. The flowers and shrubs on the other hand are laid out in an English garden style with mass plantings of perennials and annuals and no formal borders.

Oriental Style
The oriental garden is perfect for people who don't have a lot o space at their disposal. It often features an oriental style in its use of rocks, stones, evergreens and lots of running water. Many different plants were used to create several perspectives.

Woodland Style
The woodland garden is done in the style to blend the wooded backyard and the sloping terrain that is found on many larger American properties. This style of garden often features man made streams, waterfalls and ponds. The goal is to simulate an organic look.