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Home Landscaping And Landscape

If you're like one of the thousands of homeowners across the country, chances are you are not satisfied with how your lot looks. You may be too busy to really think about it, but you just wish "something will help make it look better". So you pick here, you prune there and you trim this and that. Still nothing. It might be time to give your home a landscape you will be proud to showcase – a project you can focus on.

But before you begin a large undertaking like this, it is in your best interest to check with your local bylaws, codes, etc. It is also wise to know the infrastructure of your home, especially the electrical and plumbing structure underneath the ground. After all, you could be digging and you don't want to discover you're digging right beside dangerous electrical lines. It could be a shocking experience to say the least.

Once you've taken all the precautions you can begin planning your design. First of all, look at your home in relation to your lot. Do you live in a large home with a small lot? A small home on a large lot? A large lot on a large lot, or a small home on a small lot? Whatever your situation may be, the general rule – a rule strictly followed by many Asian cultures – is to strive for balance and unity. You'll want you home and your lot to look "together" or uniform. This sense of balance doesn't only include size and shape, but color and style.

While making preparations, you should be aware that your landscape can be divided in to two categories: the hardscape and the softscape. The hardscape is the foundation of your lot – something or things that will set the atmosphere of your landscape. Typically, the hardscape is made up of immovable design pieces like masonry walls, brick patios, fences, walkways and paths – perhaps a pool or fountain. Again, look at your lot in relation to your home and decide what sort of hardscape you need or don't need.

The softscape is the decor of your landscape. It is similar to fashion accessories to clothing. Its purpose is to give an added boost to the overall design. It creates the atmosphere and personality of your home. Usually the softscape includes plants, gardens, and lighting. Try to visualize your overall landscape and then decide what would make it look that much better. The softscape is an important (and the most noticeable) part of your completed landscape.

The most important point to remember is not to rush into anything. Look at landscaping photos and generate some unique ideas. Be aware of yourself as well. What does that mean? It means thinking about your position in life. Will you be living in the same home forever or will do foresee a move in the future. This could be a major factor in your landscape design. If you will be living in the same home forever, then you're landscape only has to suit your taste and lifestyle. If, however, you expect to move, then the landscape has to appeal to someone else. You will want to make your home marketable and easy to sell (for a profit) when you move. That could mean designing a landscape that will be popular among many people several years down the road.

Again, take your time. Weigh your pros and cons and make the decision best suited for you.