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So you're looking to redesign your landscape but you don't know if you can go it alone. After all, this is a major project. You have many questions and just need a little guidance. There are a slew of professionals that can help you. Whether your concerns deal with costs, materials, landscape design tips, building a pool, building a masonry wall, or giving your home a sense of balance and tranquility, you can be rest assured that an answer is near by.

Check with your local landscape professional and pick their brain. See what types of services are available out there, and then do some research to see if any other companies offer better services or better prices. Be your own general manager and make the right choice in getting advice from the right people.

Most companies will offer free estimates. But don't just look for a company that will give free estimates – look for two or three companies that offer free estimates and then compare. Some companies may say one thing, while another has a different viewpoint. By simply comparing between companies and what they have to say, you can gain a lot of information besides the approximate price. They might make suggestions, offer design advice – the do's and don'ts – what materials are cheaper as opposed to the more expensive. And always ask why certain materials are more expensive. Some companies may also offer money saving design tips where another might have overlooked it. Remember, it is always best to get multiple viewpoints so you can properly assess your decisions.

Another invaluable service you can use is landscape design software. Landscaping software will let you plan out your landscape design before you actually begin working on it. This kind of software is typically easy to use, convenient and fun. While most lanscape design software is for professional landscapers, there are many versions available for do-it-yourselfers. Typically, these software programs run for a few hundred dollars, but it should be noted that the amount of money you spend will determine how useful the software is to you. For example, $500 software will do less than $1000 software. Chances are you won't need a professional software program, so don't waste your money. These could cost as much as $3000-$4000. Just be aware that some programs have features that less expensive programs don't have and could limit your landscape design planning.

But if you will be hiring a professional to work on your lot, see what the company offers in terms of services. Some may offer materials at a lower cost, seasonal upkeep, or yearly maintenance checks. Again, research your options to make a well-informed decision.

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