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Landscaping Ideas For Above Ground Pools

You look out to your backyard and you notice that your once chic above ground pool looks more like a giant white soup bowl that protrudes out of the earth. It looks awkward and what's worse, it looks boring. Well, it looks boring and awkward for a reason: the pool is much higher than your landscape, which in itself may not be all that attractive. The basic rules of landscaping design are unity and harmony. You need to use these rules to your advantage to create a natural, aesthetically pleasing environment for your above ground pool.

Assess The Situation
First of all, look to your lot's perimeter. Is it too open? Too confined? Too many shrubs, trees and plants or not enough? Incorporating fences (actual wood or shrubbery) or masonry walls may dress up your hardscape. You'll need to improve the overall look of your lot so you have a solid base for the aesthetics and general atmosphere of your pool area.

Tips To Landscape The Surrounding Area
But you may be wondering how to landscape the area immediately around your above ground pool. Perhaps you want some added privacy. For starters, try "container gardening". You can plant trees and shrubs in big pots and you can get them at a pretty low cost. But buy your plant material wisely: weeping Japanese maples, and other specimen trees are about a third of the price at your local grocery store than at a nursery. So, first think of where to shop.

Pick a few nice specimen trees and plant them in plastic pots - some look like terracotta but will last a lot longer. Real clay will crack and be very heavy. Now remember, unless you have a dolly to carry them, plant them where they will stay, make sure there are holes in the bottoms.

When you plant the trees and shrubs in these pots, pack the soil well. Any air pockets will mean death to parts of the trees if you don't.

You can put just about anything in a pot. Some nice things to plant are Chamacyparus.

Consider making a raised garden for perennials, many perennials are 6 feet tall, such as grass - also grass can be used (carefully and tastefully) to help make the area around your above ground pool look tactful and stylish.

Again, be creative and be sure your pool area balances your home in color, style and atmosphere. You can also landscape your above ground pool by using outdoor lighting to your advantage, or make your lot look more like a place of recreation. Also, if you have the finances and desire, build a deck connecting your house to the above ground pool. This option is a terrific way to reduce space and it gives your pool a sense of togetherness and belonging; it won't just be a large, lot consuming bowl stuck in no man's land. You want to give your home a feel and look of gradual descent from the top of your house to the ground, extending to the perimeter of your lot.

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