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Landscaping Materials

Choosing The Right Landscape Materials
A simple rule to follow in landscape design is to have unity throughout your home, a sense of balance and belonging.

Chances are if you strive for unity in your landscape design, you will have an easier time choosing your landscape materials. First of all look at your house. Now if you're building an enclosure like a fence or wall, you should have the enclosure match the house. For example, a gray bricked home could have a masonry wall or a cedar home would look best with a living privacy fence made of hedges. Balance and uniformity is the key.

Some of the best landscaping supplies are rocks, blocks, boulders, and bricks. Use them to build walls, or use them as part of your landscape – in the garden or around a fire pit for instance.

Landscaping Materials Once you've made a plan for the look of your landscape, you can begin to plan what tools and landscape equipment you'll need. You might need shovels, a wheelbarrow, smaller flowers, wood, etc. Whatever type of landscape you choose, be certain to have the correct safety equipment like gloves, goggles, and sun block for the days when heat is a problem. Keep some sense of unity with your home, be safe and have fun!

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