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Landscaping Tips Offer Homeowners Help And High Returns, Says Repair-Home.Com

Investing in quality landscaping significantly boosts the curb appeal of a property and can return more than the original investment at resale time. A section devoted to landscaping design on Repair-Home.com, an online, interactive home repair resource, lays out the simple principles behind great landscaping and provides a forum for those seeking more detailed advice.

(PRWeb) July 18, 2007 -- Quality landscaping can return more than the amount invested at resale time as well as help attract potential homebuyers and reduce time spent on the market, says Repair-Home.com. For those homeowners considering such work, the basic principles of great landscaping are laid out in a handy resource on Repair-Home.com, an online, interactive home repair resource (http://www.repair-home.com/landscaping/landscaping-tips.html). The site also features a forum giving answers to more detailed questions.

"A house and its landscaping should be harmonious with each other," says the article, Landscaping Tips, on Repair-Home.com. "Achieving such harmony is sometimes possible intuitively; but if you're more serious about complementing your house with your landscaping, you really need to take matters to the next level--landscape design" (http://www.repair-home.com/landscaping/landscaping-tips.html).

Repair-Home.com points out that high-quality landscape work can add 5 to 11 percent to a home's value, depending on its location, according to a recent study by Michigan State University.

According "Seven Landscaping Tips," an article on CNNMoney.com, an act as simple as cutting fresh edges around flower beds will get the ball rolling and, according to the lead researcher of the Michigan State University study, alone can add 1 percent to a property's sale price. The article goes on to say, " If you have no immediate plans to move, all the better: Landscaping is the one home improvement that actually appreciates over time."

Summer is a great time to put landscaping plans into action, as well as being a prime time to enjoy the finished results. Not only that, landscaping can also pay dividends in the hot summer months if trees and shrubs are used to shade windows and walls. According to figures from the American Public Power Association, such a use of landscape design can cut air conditioning costs by 50 percent.

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