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Ornamental Grass Landscaping

Ornamental grass can be found in a variety of heights shapes and sizes. They are great for adding height and fullness to you garden or landscaping scheme.

While there is no perfect environment for growing ornamental grass, undoubtedly there is an ornamental grass that is perfect for any environment. You have to remember that grass is one of the most resilient plant species in the world after all it is just about everywhere.

Three of the heartiest types of ornamental grass are:

Prairie Grass
It can live in extremely dry locations and is generally a great grass for the southwest and central United States. However, that doesn't mean it can live in a desert. Prairie grass still requires some water.

Blue Dwarf Sedge
Besides having the coolest name in the realm of grass, this plant grows naturally on the shores of riverbanks and streams. It is also a tough elastic grass that can be stepped on, although not to a ridiculous extent. This ornamental grass landscaping is great for the North East and North West United states, as well as Florida and California. Just make sure to water it consistently if there is no rain.

Pampas Grass
This grass is some of the tallest and most beautiful in the world. IT requires little maintenance, and can provide shade and privacy during the summer patio season.

Another great feature of an ornamental grass landscape is its ability to protect. Most ornamental grasses are hearty and thick and are designed to withstand the elements. You can place patches or pots of ornamental grass around smaller more delicate ones as protection.

They also make a great backdrop for your landscaping. They provide color and texture without subtracting for the more delicate features o your garden.

Ornamental grass like regular grass is perennial. To keep your grass self-perpetuating all you have to do is cut it down to about an inch height in fall, just before it snows. This will promote growth the following spring.

Then, in the spring when it may seem like it is growing out of control, trim the tops occasionally to regulate growth.