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Playground Design

If you have children, then you’ve probably considered installing a swing set in your backyard. Not only are outdoor swing sets a great way to encourage your child to get outside and get active, they can also help stimulate their development. Besides, what child wouldn’t want a playground in their very own backyard?

Playground Plans
Before you rush out and buy the best playground equipment money can buy, you’ll need to consider a number of issues. First and foremost should be the age of your children. If you have a toddler, then installing an elaborate pirate ship playground which involves a lot of climbing and playing that is above your child’s ability is not the best idea. Whatever type of home playground equipment you buy, make sure it is age appropriate.


Consider the Fall Zone
Next, take a survey of your backyard. How much space do you really have available to install a backyard playground? Keep in mind that it is not just the swingset equipment you need to have space for, but also the fall zone. A fall zone is the playground’s area where a child can fall. This area is free of objects and covered in appropriate playground turf. Also, keep in mind that playgrounds should ideally be set up on level land. This will allow for maximum stability of your playground. Swing sets should never be installed near a swimming pool, pond or lake.

You may also want to think about how many neighborhood kids you will be entertaining on your backyard play structures. The more children you expect to be climbing over the swing sets, the larger the playground sets will likely have to be.

Finally, you will of course need to take a look at your budget. How much can you really afford to spend? Remember, it’s not just the play sets that you need to purchase but also the playground surfaces. The bigger the play structures you plan to install, the larger the area you will need to cover in shock absorbing material.

Buy Now, Enjoy for a Long Time
The great thing about many of today’s playgrounds is that they can easily be added to over time. So even if your budget right now only allows you to buy the most basic playground there is, you can always add new playground equipment in the years to come. Not only will this help give your playground new life in the future, but it will also allow the swingset to grow with your children. Some common playground toys that you can add include:

  • Monkey bars
  • Rings
  • See-saw
  • Climbing rock wall

When you head out to the stores to look at swing sets, pay attention to how many play events the equipment has. The more there is to do on the playground, the more your children will be interested in it. Plus, more things to play with means more opportunities for your kids to learn and develop a wider range of skills.


Custom Building a Playground
If you don’t see anything you like in the stores, though, don’t worry. There are many companies that allow you to custom build your own playground. With the aid of trained professionals who will make sure your playground plans are safe, you can build the swing set of your children’s dreams. Or you can look for companies that already have detailed plans and just require you to follow the simple steps. These playground kits will allow you to build your children’s playground with no problems, even if you only have basic building skills. Plus, making it a DIY project can help you save some money.

What to Buy
The most common, and perhaps the most popular, style of kids playground are outdoor wooden swing sets. Wood swing sets are generally quite sturdy and hold up well over the years. Many parents prefer the look of wooden playground equipment to other playground styles. Additionally, wooden play structures are much simpler to build when you are doing it yourself since it is much easier to get your hands on the appropriate lumber.

However, you’re not limited to wood swingsets. You can also buy metal swing sets along with plastic playground equipment. Many metal swing sets come with monkey bars as well as slides and swings. While both metal and wooden play structures tend to last through the years, plastic playgrounds may not be able to take the same amount of wear and tear. If you decide to go this route, then invest in good quality plastic materials.

Whether you buy it or build it, don’t forget to ask your children what they would like from their new playground. After all, you are building it for them.