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Pond Landscaping

The subtle sound of trickling water can provide a soothing meditative effect that will make your backyard an oasis in the middle of the suburbs. Or maybe you love the aquatic plant and animals that inhabit ponds. A small pond with a waterfall can be one of the most rewarding additions to your landscape.

However, the most important thing to remember when building the pond landscape is to integrate nature into your design. Surrounding and filling your pool with life will make your pond an authentic addition to the landscape.

Here are some tips for pond landscaping that will make your pond a self-cleaning mini-ecosystem instead of a stagnant eyesore that small children will be afraid to go near.

Algae gives your pond an authentic look and is healthy for the fish, who feast on these green water plants. Some water gardners prefer to rid their pond of algae to get a clearer view of the other plants and animals.

If you're among the landscapers who prefer clear water, then this water born flora is probably your biggest challenge when embarking on a shimmering landscaped pond. To decrease algae, you'll need lots of plants. Without healthy plants to absorb excess oxygen and sunlight, the algae will grow out of control. They also provide some shade that will stop the algae from growing out of control. Fish are also a very important method of keeping your algae count down. Besides looking great and providing entertainment, the fish will eat much of the algae in your pool thus keeping it clean and clear. Just remember to feed the fish a bit less when algae starts growing out of control.

Having fish in your pond will also keep the bugs out of your yard. Fish of all sizes love to eat mosquitoes and especially mosquito larvae. You will know that your mini-landscaped ecosystem is working efficiently of the water is clean when your fish are breeding and staying alive on their own. There should be enough edible material for them to survive on their own if the pond has a good balance.

Artificial Enhancements
While your pond landscape will be mostly self-sufficient, you might have to give it a little push once and a while. Fish and plants cannot prevent larger debris like leaves and seeds from falling into your pool and contaminating it. Therefore, you should purchase a filter and a skimmer to keep the surface of your pond unencumbered from debris. These features are often inexpensive and very low maintenance, thus making them the perfect investment for pond landscaping.

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