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Residential Landscaping

More and more young and older people are choosing to live in downtown residential apartments. This has created a challenge for those who want the convenience of an apartment building while still enjoying the tranquility of a great garden.

Having one of these gardens doesn't have to be a chore at all. In fact the average residential landscape only requires about 15 minutes a day of maintenance. A small price to pay to look out your window on the 15th floor and feel like you are looking into a beautifully manicured backyard.

You biggest enemy is going to be the very things that sustain plant life. With little or no shelter from the elements, wind rain and sun can make or break a great residential landscape.

Try and select hearty plant species that are no strangers to harsh climates. This may seem limiting but when you think of all the diverse environments that plants exist in on earth, there are more than enough plants to choose from. This includes many large leaf plants that will shelter you from the prying eyes of your neighbors.

The harsh climate also necessitates that you keep the mineral levels in you pots and holders at an optimum level. One of the best ways to do this is to buy specially treated soil that contains water crystals. These will ensure that your plants stay alive even in storms, droughts and other tough times.

One of the best things about the apartment balcony residential landscaping is the ease with which you can maintain your plants. Watering, re-soiling and replanting are never more than a few steps away. This often means that you can save money on costly gardening tools designed to eradicate the nasty weeds and seeds that contaminate most ground level gardens.

Growing edible plants can be very rewarding as well. Just think of it. You are making fresh pasta and salsa. Need a tomato? The freshest tomato you can get is just an arms length away waiting to b plucked, washed, chopped and thrown directly into whatever you are making.

You will also want to leave room for furniture to sit on while marveling at the jungle outside your door. Just make sure to get comfortable waterproof furniture that wont rot and decompose it is exposed to the elements.

And what about enjoying your garden at night? A collection of lights can make your balcony creation beautiful any time of the day or night.