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Rock Landscaping

Landscaping with rocks is a great and natural way to enhance the look of your yard without falling into the trappings of artificiality. There are several things to consider when picking which rocks you wish to use and in what way you wish to use them.

Scouring the Internet should give you some ideas. There are plenty of sites that have photos and explanations of triumphs and failures in the realm of building a landscape with stone and rock.

First of all, find rocks that are indigenous to your geographical location these will be the easiest to find and the cheapest to buy. They will also give you with the most natural look when integrating your rock landscape into the environment.

The best rocks to obtain are often ones that are irregular in shape. This will provide a unique and more organic appearance...even though rocks are not organic.

While you might want the majority of the rocks to be large, (larger rocks generally have more detail and are more appealing) you will need some smaller stones as well. A great choice in rock no matter where you live is limestone, which is soft, porous, and allows moisture to seep through.

Installing them is the tricky part, begin at the lowest point of the property and set the rocks in the position you like and then move your way upward. Once each rock is in place you must allow the soil to settle over a couple of days. This will prevent any erosion that my shift the rocks out of position.

Next, stand back and get a good look of the total set-up. This will give you an idea of what adjustments need to be made.

You can add a few flowers or plants or even a tree or some small bushes to this garden to fulfill the look. Many people get really creative and add brown and black wood chip to integrate with the stone. This gives you an opportunity to make design patters such as swirls.

Caring for a rock garden is based on the need of care for the plants you choose. Any easy way to keep your rock landscaping looking new is to get a small utensil such as a garden fork or a prod and loosen the soil.

Then, try adding in a little compost or manure for a natural, healthy boost. This will also replace any soil that was eroded by wind or during rainy days. This however is rare as rock as often used in gardens to prevent erosion.