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House Cleaning:Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring has sprung so let the fresh air in and that dank, stale winter smell out of your home! Here are some easy spring-cleaning tips to get your house sparkly and clean smelling.

Get Natural
Sure those household cleaners you normally use get your home clean, but have you ever noticed that after a lot of cleaning, you tend to have a headache unless the windows are open? Or have you ever stopped to think why the saying "Floors so clean you could eat off of them" exists when most floor cleaners are clearly labeled as poisonous? Do you have children and/or pets in your home and are worried about exposing them to harsh chemicals and toxins? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it���s time you changed your cleaning habits.

There are many natural cleaning products that you can use in your home which are safer for you, your family and the environment. Plus, they are cheaper than brand name cleaners. In fact, you probably have everything you need to safely get your home clean in your house right now. That���s because all you need is vinegar, baking soda and some elbow grease. You can use vinegar and baking soda on almost any surface, including:

  • Counter and stovetops
  • Backsplashes
  • Tiled walls
  • Grout
  • Mirrors
  • Bathrooms

A Job for the Whole Family
Having to clean your home by yourself is never any fun; so gather the troops (i.e. the family) and put everyone to work. Since nothing will help your home to smell fresher than actual fresh air, open all the windows in your home. The spring air will not only help everyone to feel more energized but it will also help prevent you from breathing in all the harmful dust particles that you stir up.

If the air is still a bit chilly, that���s okay; you don���t have to keep your windows open the entire time you clean. Have your children go around and open all the windows in your home. By the time they get to the last window, it���ll be time to start all over again, closing those windows. Airing out your home for just 10 or 15 minutes can really help to get rid of the stagnate winter smell milling around your home.

Before you get started, create a "To Do" list and post it in a central area of your home. This way, everyone can cross off a task once they are done. A job list is especially useful when there are children helping out as it allows them to see just how much they are helping the family. It can also fill both children and adults alike with a sense of satisfying accomplishment as that line is drawn through a completed task.

If you���re having a hard time motivating your children to start cleaning, then organize a cleaning job that the whole family can do, like organizing the backyard. By doing a job as a family, your child can feel like they are part of a team and therefore will be more willing to work harder at other tasks.

Final Thoughts
Spring-cleaning can be messy work so don���t show up in your Sunday best. Instead, wear old clothes that are comfortable but that you don���t mind getting dirty and stained.

It can be hard to get into a cleaning-groove but easy to find the slightest distraction. To combat this, disconnect the phone and turn off the television, unplugging it if you have to. But do find a favorite CD and turn up the music. The Seven Dwarves may have whistled while they worked, but you and your family can dance up a storm while you clean.

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