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Virtual Landscaping

Imagine if you could leap into the future and see what your landscape will look like. And what if you could make the changes you want to make it that much better. Now you can with virtual reality landscaping software and virtual landscaping programs. Be your own virtual reality landscaper!

A 'virtual garden' is nothing more than a simulated garden - simulated in a computer, using CAD, image processing, GIS or animation.

Virtual Features
The great thing about virtual landscaping is that you can design your personal landscape using virtual features such as an encyclopedia of plants and other garden accessories. Most virtual reality landscaping programs include a huge variety of landscape and garden clip art images.

Most virtual landscaping will also allow you to view your landscape from every angle and elevation imagineable. Many programs have time lapse features that show you how your garden will grow over time.

System Requirements
Typically, your computer must have Microsoft Windows 95. CD-ROM Drive. A Microsoft compatible mouse is often required. Prices may vary, for the very inexpensive ($20) to the more expensive ones used most commonly by professional landscapers.

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