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Painting Tips

Many of today's redecoraters are looking for a way to have artistic walls without wallpaper. From faux painting techniques to unique colors and tones, standing out is certainly in this year. Some new painters find that stencils are a fun and easy way to add decoration to your walls. Because you can either purchase your stencils or make them on your won, this versatile wall art is perfect for the beginner. However, it's important not to get over confident when using stencils. This can lead to failure, which means time and money spent on redoing the project. By following a few stencil painting tips, you'll be ready to design attractive walls using stencil art.

Stencil Painting Tips: Choosing a Stencil

In arts and crafts departments, as well as in many hardware stores, you'll find a variety of wall stencils. The first step of the stenciling process is to find the right one. To do this, you'll first need to decide where you want the stencil. If you want to paint a border around ceiling or foot of the room, choose an appropriate design. You'll also need to know how the room will be used to find a good design that fits with the decor and style. If you can't find an appropriate stencil, you can make your own using stencil paper. Take copies of the stencil you plan to use and ask friends, family, and interior designers what they think before moving forward.

Stencil Painting Tips: Preparation

Stenciling isn't difficult to do. In fact, stencils are designed to make painting easier. However, Paint recommends that you pay attention when you prepare a room for stenciling. The walls should be very clean and perhaps even whitewashed. In addition, it is of the utmost importance that you make sure the stencil is safely secured to the wall before beginning to paint.

Stencil painting is a wonderful way for new painters to break into the arena of DIY painting. It's easy to do, but requires preparation and good stencil selection. Painters should follow stencil-painting tips when preparing to create an attractive room with little effort.