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Pest Control: Mice And Rats

So, let's say you were standing in your kitchen last Sunday, baking some sugar cookies. As you put the finishing touches on the icing, you suddenly hear, coming from the garbage room, a brawl break out between two gangs of rodents. You know you've got trouble, so you cowardly flee for safer territory. The rodents have taken over your house. It's time to take it back.

What Rodent Do You Have?
Dark little droppings and nibbles in your morning croissant are a sure sign of rodents, but what kind do you have? Mice tend to be more curious and so you may hear them scurrying around your kitchen even when you're in there. Rats, on the other hand, tend to be more cautious when they sense human activity. So, if your rodent is shy, you've got rats. Another interesting fact is that mice and rats never co-habit, which means, luckily, you've only got one type of rodent.

How To Get Rid of Mice and Rats
There are several options. Options fall into two categories: rodent control that aims to have your rodent guests perish and pest control that has a heart. Those individuals who fall in to the latter category may have grown up with a dearly loved pet rodent so that they want to get rid of mice but not kill them. Let's explore this pest control first.

Catching mice or rats is easily done with more natural pest control such as humane live mouse traps. You can order these live mouse traps online. Other ways of catching mice can be quite torturous for the little creatures.

Other rodent control options include bait and traps. Bait, such as pellets, will poison the mice. The trouble is that you will likely come across their body a while after death occurred. You also don't want to have bait in the house if you have other pets. Traps, such as fast-acting metal traps, are your other option.

If you have a large population of mice or rats, it may be a good idea to call in exterminators for getting rid of the mice.

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