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Termites And Termite Control

Have you identified termites as the source of your problems? Have you had enough of termite damage? Are you ready to go 'Terminator' on your termites? Well then, it's time to take a look at your termite treatment options.

Fumigation is an intense process, including tenting your living quarters and kicking you out for a few days; this is best handled by a trusted professional. Fumigation is usually used for dry wood termites. Wood in the evacuated home will be fumigated. The one problem is that this doesn't prevent the termites from coming back, it just transforms the formerly bustling burrows into little termite graveyards. Even this can be incredibly satisfying if you've had an emotionally trying time with termites.

Termicides are sprayed into wood and then sealed off with caulk. It takes about one to six months for the termites to meet their maker. Again, leave this in the hands of a professional.

Termite Bait Stations
Termite bait is wood, paper or other delectable termite foods that are treated with a slow-acting chemical. The foraging termites share the poisoned food with their nestmates. Sometimes, termite bait can be incredibly effective; oftentimes, the entire colony will perish.

Remember, whatever termite treatment you choose, it's important to get termite inspectors or specialists to handle the problem. Do-It-Yourself treatments won't even put a dent in your termite problem. Be sure to sign an ongoing service treatment, so that when (probably not 'if') your termites resurface, the pest control people will be back for another round.

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