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Clogged Drains - How To Unclog Your Sink

You can clear a clogged sink without having to turn off the water supply. Hwever, you should turn off any appliances or faucets that run to the sink.

Use A Plunger!
A plunger is every plumber's first choice to clear a clogged sink.

You may be groaning in disbelief, but plungers are very effective when used correctly. People seldom use plungers correctly, as thus find them ineffective. Plungers are also environmentally safe, and prevents you from having to expose yourself to dangerous chemicals.

Using a plunger in a sink isn't as easy as simply pushing it in and pulling it back out again. You need to try to create as must suction as you possible can to make it work. Think about this when you are using your plunger.

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