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Clogged Shower Drains - Removing Hair And Debris

As you probably suspected, the majority of shower drain clogs are the result of masses of collected hair. The best way to get rid of this hair is not to break through it, but to pull it out of the drain.

Unclogging Your Shower Drain
In plumbing, always start off with the easiest solution. Using a flat-headed screwdriver, pop off the strainer cover on your drain. Point your flaslight down the drain and look for a nasty mass of hair, soap, or other such debris.

If you do see something, get a wire coat hanger and straighten it. Use this to pull out the clog. If the hanger doesn't do the trick, try plunging with tge smallest plunger that will cover your drain.

Before you start to plunge, put vaseline around the rim of the rubber cup on the plunger - this will help to create a good seal. Plunge 15 to 20 times, straight up and down. Again, peer into the drain and see if you can see the blockage. If you can, use the coat hanger to pull it out. If you can't, keep plunging.

If your plunger just isn't working, try using a snake. Push the snake throught the drain until you feel it hit the clog. Lock the snake and turn the handle clockwise until it grabs the clog. Then pull it out.