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Using A Plunger

  1. If you have already used a chemical drain cleaner (Liquid Plumber, Drano) do not use a plunger. The plunger may cause some of the drain cleaner to splash out into your eyes or onto your skin, which can cause severe burns. If the chemical you put into the drain hasn't worked, use the snake method.
  2. Close up all the holes coming from your sink. Use closely-fitting plugs or wet rags to block off sink drains and overflow holes. This will create a vacuum in the sink.
  3. Get some vaseline or petroleum jelly and rub it around the rim of the plunger. This will form a seal between the sink and the plunger.
  4. You will probably have some pretty dirty water in your sink already. If you don't have enough to cover the plunger, run a little cold water into the basin. The plunger should be placed in the sink at an angle, so there is only a little air inside the plunger cup. Completely cover the drain with the plunger.

  5. Hold the plunger vertically and hang on to it. Plunge as hard as you can, and try to create a suction between the sink and the plunger. This suction is what will pull out that clog. Try doing this 20 times. You will know you are doing it right if you can hear a sucking noise in your drain.

  6. If you don't see the sink clear, take a breather and start again. If it still doesn't work, move on to the snake or chemical method.