Faucets: Description, Maintenance, And Repair

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Faucets are probably one of the most necessary plumbing fixtures in your house. Without a working faucet, you won't get water where you want it, when you need it. Unfortunately, faucets can cause some of the worst plumbing problems.

There are four types of faucets available for use: Compression, Disk, Cartridge, and Ball. The compression faucet is by far the most common, and has two handles that you turn on or off. The disc faucet, the ball faucet, and the cartridge faucet all operate with one handle, which can be flipped up or down to control the water. These three faucets have no washers, and are therefore also known as washerless faucets. In order to repair your faucet you will need to know both its make and type. It's probably a good idea to take it with you to the plumping shop when you need to buy parts for it.

Repairing FaucetsA.
Repairing FaucetsB.
Repairing FaucetsC.
Repairing FaucetsD.