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Leaking Cartridge Faucet - Replacement Parts For Cartridge Faucets

If you have a leaky cartridge faucet, its cartridge may be defective or it may have a worn out O-ring. You should replace both when you disassemble the faucet. It is important to buy the appropriate replacement parts for you cartridge faucets. Each brand is different and comes with its own set of instructions.


  1. Shut off the water to your faucet. The shut-off valve should be located under the sink. You can also turn of the main water supply to your house if you need to. Open the faucet to release any excess water.

  3. Take off the decorative head and remove the handle screw.


  4. Wiggle the handle back and forth gently until it comes off the faucet.


  5. Take off the old O-rings and put new ones on.

    Fixing a Cartridge FaucetA.


  6. A nut will probably be securing the cartridge in position. If there is no nut, look for a clip instead. Take the nut or stem off. With pliers, lift the cartridge up and out of the faucet.


  7. Put your new cartridge in. If there is a flat side to it, face this forwards.


  8. Firmly attach the cartridge using the nut or clip that you removed.

    Fixing a Cartridge FaucetB.