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Fixing A Leaky Showerhead - Plumbing Repair

Generally, problems with showerheads are limited to leaking and blockage. Showerheads may leak where they attach to the outlet stem, or they may be blocked at the faceplate. These problems are easy to fix and fairly inexpensive repair-wise.

Fixing Leaky Showerheads
To fix a leak, you are going to have to remove the showerhead from its outlet stem. First, wrap a towel or cloth around the point where the showerhead screws on to the outlet stem. This will protect the showerhead from damage. Use adjustable pliers to remove the showerhead from the outlet stem. If the collar that attaches the two parts together is flat, you can use a smooth wrench instead.

Replacing The Washer
Shower Heads Before screwing the showerhead back on the stem outlet you may want to create a tighter seal. Use plumber's tape or joint compound around the threads.

Tip: If your showerhead swivels, coat the swivel ball with vaseline before you install it. This will give it increased rotation.

Fixing A Clogged Showerhead
Take off the faceplate on the showerhead by removing the screws that secure it in place. If the faceplate is not removable, loosen the collar which attaches the showerhead to the outlet stem.

After removing the faceplate, soak it in white vinegar. If the faceplate is still attached to the showerhead, soak it faceplate down with the arm of the shower sticking up. The vinegar should dissolve the lime deposits that are causing the shower to clog. Use a nail, wire, or toothpick to clear the outlet holes on the faceplate. Scrub the plate with a brush and put the shower back together.