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How To Join Copper Pipes And Fittings

Copper pipes and fittings are often soldered together with solder and high heat. This method of joining is also referred to as sweating the pipes. The process of sweating copper pipes or soldering copper pipes and fittings is relatively simple.

First, use fine emory clothes or sand paper to clean off the tips and scuff up the metal. Remove any rough burrs with a deburring tool.

Next, apply a liberal amount of flux paste to the outside of the pipe where the fittings will go.

Place the fittings on the pipe and heat the fittings with a propane torch for 30 to 45 seconds.

Before the fittings cool, apply the solder to various points around the joint. The flux paste will cause the solder to be drawn in and around the joint to form a strong and water tight seal.

Allow to cool or cool with a wet rag before testing for leaks.

The images on this page show pipes being capped off so that the bathtub can be removed.

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