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Fixing Clogged Toilets - Plunging Toilets

If your toilet is clogged, then either someone put something down there that shouldn't be put down there, or a very large object was flushed down and got stuck before making it to the main waste pipe. Low-flow toilets have particular troubles with clogging as they don't have enough water pressure to flush everything out of the drain line. If your toilet is finicky, flush several times to prevent clogging.

If your toilet is just a little bit slow to drain and isn't overflowing, go straight to plunging. You don't need to cut the water supply, and a bit of water in the bowl should help you create the suction you need to get that clog out.

A Clogged Toilet 1. Fill a bucket with water, ready for use.
2. Plunge away, about 15 to 20 times.
3. Pour a little water that's in the bucket into the toilet to see if it clears. Don't put water in if the toilet is going to overflow.
4. If the plunging doesn't work at first, keep trying.