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Overflowing Toilet

Everybody has that one friend who just seems to annoy your toilet. Nothing can instill fear in your heart like a toilet that is about to overflow. Follow these steps to get your toilet working again:

1. Remove the tank's lid. Stick your arm down into the bottom of the tank. (Be careful, it's cold!)

2. Push the stopper valve or flapper down so it is securely in the valve seat.

3. Turn off the water supply to the toilet by tightening the shut-off valve. If you don't have a shut-off valve or can't find it, turn off the main water supply in the house.

4. Using a plunger, plunge away! If this doesn't work, get a toilet snake and push it into the hole in the toilet. When it hits the obstruction, gently pull it out. (I know, it's disgusting)! You can use a sink snake for this too, if you don't mind scratching your toilet.

An Overflowing Toilet

Tip:Buy a plunger with a larger rubber dome that covers a smaller inner cap. It works a lot better than those simple open dome plungers.