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Water Heater Maintenance

Water Heater Maintenance Tips

  • Keep your thermostat no higher than 120°F(48.9°C). This will stop any damage from having an overheated tank and save you money.


  • If you own a gas heater, look at your flue once a year to see if it is clear. (The flue is that metal pipe that runs the length of your water heater and comes out of the top). Just place your hand near the draft converter and check if any air is flowing out. It air is flowing out, you probably have a blocked flue, and should get it checked out.


  • Check your pressure-relief valve once or twice a year. You want to make sure that it is releasing any pressure that is inside your tank. This valve should be on one side of the heater or on top of the heater. It has a copper pipe attached to it. Open the valve and look for water ejecting into the overflow line. If you notice steam or boilig water escaping, turn the heater off.



  • Drain your heater once or twice a year. This will help get rid of any sediment that is inside.

    Draining Your Heater
    1. If you have a gas heater, shut off the gas. If your water heater is electric, turn off the power at your main shut-off valve.
    2. You will need to shut off the cold water going to your water heater. Turn off the valve on top of your heater or shut down the main water supply.
    3. Find a big bucket or a hose that you can attach to the drainage area of the heater. Turn the drain valve on the water heater and let a few gallons of water out.
    4. If the water looks dirty or gritty, keep draining the water until it runs clear.
    5. Restore power or gas to the heater.
    6. Check to see if your pilot light is working if you have a gas heater.

    If the pilot light has gone out, re-light it by following the instructions on your water heater.