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Above-Ground Pool Deck Could Boost Pool Roi, Says Repair-Home.Com

An above-ground pool deck enhances a pool's value to not only the homeowner, but possibly the property appraiser as well. Repair-Home.com has the resources to help pool owners maximize their investment by learning about the available options and finding top contractors with local market knowledge.

(PRWeb) June 27, 2007 -- With many people thinking of investing in a pool to beat summer heat, Repair-Home.com reminds homeowners that with the right deck, an above-ground pool could add real home value. Because appraisers generally exclude non-permanent structures, above-ground pools are often excluded in appraisals. However, the installation of the deck together with the pool could be considered real property and lead to a higher appraisal and bigger return on investment (ROI). Repair-Home.com, an online, interactive home repair resource, helps pool owners find top local above-ground pool deck contractors and provides guidance on how to build a deck.

The right above-ground pool deck design requires careful, knowledgeable planning. Repair-Home.com makes it easy for pool owners to contact reputable, experienced local contractors who know particular local markets and regulations on structures, including what may or may not be included in a property appraisal.

A functional above-ground pool deck design should consider many factors:

  • Budget: the deck shouldn't cost more than the pool.
  • Size: to be determined by budget and pool location.
  • Materials: can be wood, vinyl, composite or a combination of these and other materials, depending on climate.
  • Maintenance: the deck needs to look good throughout the year and offer easy maintenance.
  • Building codes: A top contractor will know the applicable building codes dictating where or how large the deck can be.

"Above-ground pools can seem difficult to dress up or landscape around," says Repair-Home.com, "but above-ground pool decks give pools some sense of belonging and purpose". In addition to possibly shoring up an appraisal, the benefits of investing in an above-ground pool deck are many:

  • A swimming pool deck enhances the beauty of the yard by hiding the pool sides and introducing eye-catching materials and structures.
  • A deck makes the pool more accessible, enjoyable, and easy to clean by providing a buffer to help keep grass and dirt out of the water.
  • A deck on an above-ground pool improves safety by providing room for chairs at rim level. This makes it easier to keep an eye on kids in the pool.
  • A properly constructed above-ground swimming pool deck can make the pool itself stronger by supporting the edge and sides of the pool.

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