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Swimming Pool Glossary: Air-Relief Valve

What Is An Air-Relief Valve?
The air relief valve is often made of plastic or brass. It is placed on the top of the pool filter tank, and is often referred to as the pressure-relief valve. This valve helps to relieve pressure that builds up inside the filter. Removing this excess pressure is referred to as "bleeding" the filter.

By opening up, these types of valves are designed to allow excess pressure to escape. At a normal pressure level the valve should close again. Generally, air relief valves need to be operated manually, but on some higher priced models this valve is automated.

All valves are intended to measure the amount of materials flowing through a system or a part of a system. When open, flow is enabled. When closed, flow is restricted.

The air-relief valve is an integral part of a pool's pumping and filtration system. As the pool's pump sucks out water from the pool, it is forced through a filter. This water is then forced through the air-relief valve.

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