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Swimming Pool Glossary: Algae

What Is Algae?
Algae is a plant that lives in water. It is made up of a formation of tiny organisms. Algae is a normal and natural occurrence but can be annoying to pool owners as it can cause problems with pool functions. Algae flourishes on carbon dioxide and sunlight and contain chlorophyll which gives it it's green appearance. There are thousands of types of algae but the most common forms are mustard algae, black algae, and green algae.

Though algae is actually beneficial to the environment, it can be a horror for pool owners. Excessive algae growth can cause filters to clog and, in turn, these clogged filters can inhibit water circulation. Reduced water circulation means pool chemicals are less efficient.

Algae is not a health risk to swimmers but it may hold bacteria. It can also leaves a harmless but slimy residue all over your pool. However, algae can be controlled through relatively uninvasive means. By ensuring an appropriate amount of sanitizer is present in your pool, algae can be kept at bay. If the algae keeps coming back, add some algaecide to your regular maintenance routine.

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