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Swimming Pool Glossary: Automatic Pool Cleaner

What Is An Automatic Pool Cleaner?
An automatic pool cleaner helps to remove dirt and debris from your pool. By attaching to a suction port on your pool wall, the device can move the dirt in the water and suck it out. Because it is automatic, there is limited fuss for the pool owner.

How An Automatic Pool Cleaner Works
Depending upon your type of pool, there is a vacuum port to which the hose is inserted. As the filter pump runs, a suction is created which allows the hose to vacuum.

The vacuum uses pulses of water to propel itself around the pool. While it is moving, the cleaner pulls debris up through the neck and hose and then through the suction port. The dirt eventually arrives in the filter pump strainer basket. Particles that are small enough move to the filter.

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