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Swimming Pool Glossary: Backwash

What Is Backwashing?
In order to keep your swimming pool's filter clean, you should backwash your filter from time to time. Backwashing, or reversing the filter's water flow, will help to dislodge debris within the filter. A backwash hose can then take this debris out of the filter. By monitoring your filter's pressure gauge, you will know when it is ready to backwash your filter. Readings that are greater than typical may indicate it is time to backwash.

Your filter will probably have a knob that can be turned to waste or backwash settings. To backwash, manually turn this knob to one of these settings. After a couple of minutes, you may turn the knob on your filter back to the normal setting.

Depending on your filter, you may have to backwash a few times a year. For sand and D.E. filters, backwashing a couple of times a season is usually sufficient. Sand filters may also require two backwashes per cleaning.

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