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Swimming Pool Glossary: Bromide, Chlorine Alternative

What Is Bromide?
An alternative to chlorinating your pool is using bromide for sanitation. Bromide salt, called bromide, helps to keep pool water clean and disinfected. Bromide helps to attack and kill bacteria in pool water. As it is added to your pool, the bromide releases ions. These ions oxidize on contact and turn into hyprobromous acid. It is this acid that kills bacterial agents in the pool.

Advantages of Bromide
Using bromide in your pool can have many benefits. When used as part of your pool maintenance routine, it stops and prevents algae growth. Bromide is also less irritating on the skin than chlorine so it is a good choice for sensitive swimmers. Bromide levels should be monitored. It is measured in parts per million (ppm) and if it drops below a certain level it can result in murky pool water.

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