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Swimming Pool Glossary: Bromine, Control Bacteria in Your Pool, Chlorine Alternative

What Is Bromine?
Bromine is a chemical that is very similar to chlorine, only it lacks the strong odor of chlorine. For this reason, bromine is a popular choice to help control bacteria in pools and spas. Like chlorine, it is responsible for keeping your pool clean and sanitary.

Bromine comes in solid forms, and can be bought in dispensers suitable for pools or spas.

Bromine is beneficial because it is less irritating on swimmers. However, bromine will only eliminate swimmers waste if it is used with an oxidizer.

Bromine dissolves at a slower rate than chlorine, so it should be added to your pool by an automatic dispenser. This makes it great for indoor pools.

Bromine reacts effectively in hotter water, so it is also perfect for spas and hot tubs.

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