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Swimming Pool Glossary: Diverter Valve

A diverter valve allows the flow of water to be directed in a particular way. It consists of a hydraulic valve, which helps to change the amount of water moving from the main drain and skimmer to the pump.

Diverter valves are commonly used with pool/spa combinations. It allows the easy switch of water flow to the spa or pool, depending upon which is in use. A popular brand name diverter valve is the Ortega valve. Sometimes diverter valves are simply referred to by this name.

Diverter valves function on three ports. As one port is closed off, water can flow through another port. Diverter valves come in a variety of sizes, depending on the amount of water used and the size of the pool's piping. Diverter valves can be used with faucets as well, reversing flow from one tap to another.

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