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Swimming Pool Glossary: Fiberglass

Though it doesn't look like it, fiberglass is actually made out of glass! Fiberglass is spun out of hot, molten glass and then used to reinforce a molded gel or polyester resin. Fiberglass usually arrives in mat or rope form. Using hardeners, fiberglass can be manipulated to form spas, pools, or pretty much any other shape.

In order to get the best bond with your fiberglass, you should rough it up a little before you start. Just like plastering, a rough surface will help the fiberglass adhere to the surface. Sheets of fiberglass are placed over the inside of the pool. This fiberglass is then put in place by painting fixatives and chemical resins over top of it.

Why use fiberglass in your pool? Fiberglass coating in your pool is definitely better in terms of corrosion. Chemical you use to maintain your pool as well as the pool water itself cannot eat away at it, unlike plaster or vinyl.


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