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Getting An Estimate From A Contractor

When getting an estimate from a pool contractor make sure you use these guidelines to asses the cost and time it will take to build a pool on your property.

Time Estimate
Under normal circumstances, it should only take four to five days to build a steel walled pool. If the weather is inclement, this could take a little longer. If you have opted for a concrete pool, which, although harder to clean, provides more structural creativity, it may take as long as two weeks to install.

This time is often used to include extras like concrete pool bars, or separate wading areas. If you do opt for a concrete pool, be sure to ask the contractor to place vinyl lining on the outside of the pool. It will make the pool much easier to clean, make it less susceptible to algae build up. But, whatever you do make sure that you have a time estimate from your contractor.

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