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Swimming Pool Glossary: Hot Tub

Hot tubs are becoming increasingly popular throughout North America. There are a number of different designs available, but most have an open top and measure about 4 to 6 feet across. The tub is topped up with hot water that circulates in order to promote relaxation.

Originally, hot tubs were designed to look like a wooden barrel, and made out of redwood or cedar. These are now excellent alternatives to your typical hot tub. Usually, a vinyl liner is inserted inside the "barrel" and used to keep water away from the wood.

Hot tubs are very relaxing, and excellent for relief of arthritis, muscle pain, and stress. Most hot tubs come with heaters, filters, and air jets which shoot water in streams across your body. Hot tubs are available in all sizes, from 2-3 person tubs to 7-8 person tubs. Depending upon the type of tub you choose, prices can go as high as $10 000, though some hot tubs are available for around $2 000.

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