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Swimming Pool Glossary: Neutralizer

If you have a pool, you are going to have to clean it, no matter how hard to you try to avoid it. Even though your pool has a filter on it, you can still get harmful bacteria building up in the water. Bacteria can lead to very harmful illnesses which are not very pleasant to experience.

Many pool owners use chlorine or bromine to kill any bacteria in their pools. But if you overdo the chlorine, you could be causing even more problems - chlorine, in large quantities, is poisionous.

In order to reduce the effects of the chlorine or bromine in your pool, try a pool neutralizer. Pool neutralizers will make it more enjoyable for swimmers, reducing eye irritation, itchiness, and dry skin. It will also leave swimmers with softer hair which won't split as a result of the chlorine. Neutralizers make swimming more enjoyable for young children and the eldery as well.

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