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Pool Contractor Code Of Ethics And Standards

The NSPI Pool Contractor Code of Ethics
All of the members of the NSPI adhere to the same code of ethics and standards and they all share the same commitment to better business practices, safety and consumer satisfaction. However, the NSPI is not a consumer advocacy organization. They are not a lobby, and they won't hire a team of lawyers for you if you get ripped off. They are a great resource for research BEFORE you buy a pool and pick a contractor.

They reach 350 million households per year through their aquatic safety campaigns, brochures and buying and planning guides. Chances are there is a chapter of the NSPI somewhere near you.

Right now they have 81 chapters in 11 regions all across the country. The symbiotic relationship between the members and the organization and the consumers is a good one. The contractors want to establish themselves as the leaders in their field and the NSPI gives them an outlet to base their reputation. The consumer also benefits, as they can go to the site and see who exactly has the best reputation, then base their decision on that information.

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