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Swimming Pool Glossary: Poolscape

If you have access to a pool, once the summer comes around you probably spend most of your free time swimming or getting ready for a swim. The pool is probably the most important part of your house come summertime. Something as large as a pool though, can often overtake the rest of your yard. Since most people take pride in having a beautiful yard, it can be difficult to integrate your pool with the rest of the landscape. But there are many things that can be done to create a beautiful pool and yard area - something many refer to as a "poolscape."

Here are some great ways to have both a functional pool and yard area while maintaining some natural beauty.

Imagine being able to swim in an area that is just as calming as your pool. A small pond with water trickling away can be a peaceful addition to your yard. Try stocking your pond with some goldfish and plants that will give your poolscape that natural feel. Ponds also help attracts birds, crickets and other wildlife that can really add to that summertime experience.

When you get sick of splashing around in your pool or have just had too much of the heat, a place to escape to is welcome. But instead of heading back inside, a gazebo that provides ample shade is just the thing. These are beautiful additions to any yard and can really help you relax and enjoy your weekend.

A deck is a simple and easy way of making your pool more attractive and it can actually help to keep your deck clean. Having a deck allows for an easy way to get in and out of the pool, and cuts down on the amount of dirt, grass, and leaves that enter the pool. It also means less lawn to cut!

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