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Swimming Pool Glossary: Pump and Pump Curve

The pump is one of the most important parts of your pool's plumbing system. It is responsible for creating pressure in your pool, which forces the water to flow through the filter. Any gunk in your water is cleaned out and pumped back it by the pump. To keep your pool sparkly clean, be sure to maintain your pump from time to time.

Proper Pump Maintenance
It is not a good idea to run your pump without water. If there is no water in your pump, it might overheat. This can cause broken seals which leads to leakage.

If your pool pump is making a lot of unnecessary noise, check it out. It could be (1) bearing noise, (2) vibration noise, or (3) hydraulic noise. Get a pool technician in to fix it up.

During the summer, run your pump for 8 to 10 hours. This keeps the water in the pool well turned over and clean.

Keep in mind the elevation your pool pump will be sitting at. An average pressure for all elevations is 15 to 20 psi.

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