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Swimming Pool Glossary: Shock Treat

Your pool takes a pretty tough beating every season. All that wind and rain, not to mention those swimmers, can really contaminant your pool water. After being exposed to numerous sunny days, algae can start to form on you pool's walls. Chlorine does help to combat day-to-day buildup and keeps your pool pretty clean. Once in a while though, it's important to give your pool a "shock" treatment.

A shock treatment uses a larger-than-normal dose of chlorine and other oxidants to kill bacteria. Always do a shock treatment at night, when no one is using the pool. Be very careful too, as these chemicals can be pretty harmful.

Besides preventing someone from swimming in these chemicals, it is best to shock treat at night in order to attack algae when they are at their weakest. Algae need sunlight to grow, so they are particularly weak at night. This shock treatment to should stop the algae from growing.

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