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Supervising The Supervisor

Supervision of a pool-building site is one of the most important aspects of the pool contractor���s job. However, not all contractor's have the manpower to do their job properly or to thoroughly inspect the job being done. They can also be guilty of unscrupulous tactics to collect installment checks at different phases of the pool's construction. This tactic is almost like holding the consumer hostage.

The Nightmare Pool Contractor Scenario
For instance. After the first phase of the process is done, this is the excavation phase, 40% of the purchase price is often required. After the next phase, they will ask for another 30%. This is followed by another 15% check for the second to last phase.

With the pool nearing completion and the dream of relaxing in cool glory almost there, the builder might ask for the last 15% in advance. The consumer might think that relinquishing this check might speed up the process, but often this is quite the opposite.

Giving your check in advance puts you at the mercy of the builders. If they already have their money, they might not be in the mood to put a lot of effort into the labor-intensive task of finishing your pool. This might only be something small and irritating like failure to clean up the site after construction. Most likely it will be something worse, like holding off on plastering the pool.

Protect Yourself From the Start
Make sure you have a clear understanding of the agreement you establish with whomever sells you the pool. The final installment will only be given after total completion of the pool and clean up of the work site.

If you can, try and negotiate a work completion clause in your contract. This puts the responsibility of the completion of the pool in the hands of the contractor, not you. If the pool is not finished by a certain date, try and negotiate a discount on the final check for each day of non-completion. The contractor might balk at first, but there are plenty of swimming pool contracting firms out there and you should be able to find one honorable enough to take on a fair contract.

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